Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders.

A message from our Vice President of Marketing

Dear Prospective Rushee,

You have officially taken the next step to your future by coming to this page. We, the Upsilon Psi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, officially invite you to join us for our Spring 2019 Rush. During Rush, you will learn more about our fraternity and how we can help you invest in your future and enhance your college experience. Alpha Kappa Psi emphasizes brotherhood, knowledge, integrity, service, and unity. While adhering to these core values, we build bonds between our brothers and develop principled business leaders. We will share the knowledge and resources that you seek and set you up for success.

In addition, Alpha Kappa Psi is inclusive to all 100+ majors at UC Davis. We understand that business is vital in all sectors, which is why we are open to everyone for recruitment. We believe that a strong business foundation is an absolute necessity in today's dynamic economy. Our esteemed network of alumni has delved into various industries after graduation, from biomedical engineering to investment banking to information technology. The Upsilon Psi chapter is dedicated to helping its brothers succeed and follow their dreams.

So, all I ask is that you take a chance and come out to Spring Rush – we will take care of the rest.

Best Regards,

Brother Tony Nguyen





+ What is rush?

Rush is a series of events over a week to allow potential rushees the opportunity to learn more about Alpha Kappa Psi while in turn allowing the Active Brothers to learn more about interested candidates.

+ Do I have to be a business-oriented major to apply?

Absolutely not. Alpha Kappa Psi recognizes the universal nature of business. Professionalism is required of all industries. Alpha Kappa Psi is open to all majors.

+ How is Alpha Kappa Psi different from other business fraternities?

Alpha Kappa Psi offers a wide range of opportunities, allowing our Active Brothers to excel where they choose. Because Alpha Kappa Psi is open to all majors, the breadth of knowledge gained and shared by the Active Brothers and Alumni Brothers allow us to offer innovative perspectives on business and beyond.

+ Is attending all the rush events required?

Although attendance to rush events is voluntary, it is highly encouraged that serious applicants attend all rush events. Due to the high traffic of our rush, it is difficult to remember every rush candidate. The more interactions an individual has with our fraternity, the more he or she can learn about Alpha Kappa Psi and the more we can learn about him or her.

+ What type of rush candidates are you looking for?

There is no pre-set image of the ideal rush candidate as we recognize the different contributions that various individuals can make. However, we are still looking for highly motivated scholars that not only work well independently, but within a group as well. Potential, as well as present qualities, is a determining factor in the bid process.

+ Are there any requirements to receive a bid?

There is no minimum GPA requirement, however, candidates must be in good academic standing, as required by UC Davis.

+ If I do not get a bid the first time, can I rush again?

It is highly encouraged that a rush candidate apply again if he or she did not receive a bid the first time. Determination and personal refinement are value traits in rush candidates.

+ What if my question is not posted here?

Further inquiries can be made by privately messaging our Facebook Page.


Our Spring 2019 applications are now closed. We will open for applicants soon and we're happy to remind you if you leave your email below!