I thrive in an environment that allows me to problem solve. A common misconception of design is that it’s all form. I like to abide by Deiter Ram’s 10 principles of good design—specifically “Good design is as little design as possible.”




Meet Leslie Luo, an Upsilon Psi alum breaking boundaries from the very perception of design itself. Leslie works as a product designer at Fundera, a FinTech startup helping small business owners get the capital they need to continue growing their businesses. At a high level, she is an advocate for our users, whether that is internal or external.

Outside of design, Leslie spends her time volunteering at the ASPCA. She is growing her confidence in helping shape a comfortable environment for dogs and cats to thrive in during their transition period into their forever homes. 

“The biggest takeaway from my personal experience came from coming to the understanding that it’s okay to go my own path. What Alpha Kappa Psi is really providing is a basic toolkit that you need to take and develop on your own. If you can put yourself in situations that challenge yourself earlier on in your life, you’ll be able to take those learnings and continue applying yourself the further you go. I never saw myself as a 'business person' - Alpha Kappa Psi was totally out of my comfort zone and that experience helped me better understand what I loved and what I didn’t. It was a great place to make and learn from my mistakes.

After college, I was wrapped up in my own version of the 'imposter syndrome'...if you’re feeling this way in whatever slightest version, it’s okay. A few ways that I’ve combated my own feelings were doing coffee meetings and seeking out mentors. Reach out to the “experts” who are out there and learn from them. You’ll actually start to realize how human we all are. Build on your hunger for knowledge (and fear) now and your future self will thank you for being prepared.”