From the positions during college to our extensive alumni base, Alpha Kappa Psi has given me the resources to make mistakes, try new things and grow as a professional.




Meet Leo Thom, an Upsilon Psi alum who has a passion for creating stories through visual photography and videography. He will be spending all of October 2016 abroad in Asia shooting a project for Michelle Phan - something he would have never imagined doing three years ago.

For personal development, Leo's main goal is to create an air of calm creativity through meditation. He has had roles at top tech companies and very small start-ups, but he finds one thing is universal: “Eventually your success is more dependent on how you treat others and how others see you than your actual technical skills. Meditation allows me to be more empathetic to others’ and allows me to be a better team player.”

“I’m not settling on one job for the rest of my life. 

Since graduation, I worked as:

  • Online Marketing for LinkedIn
  • Web Developer for LinkedIn
  • Product Manager for mid-size start-up
  • Freelance Web Designer
  • Freelance Photographer

I truly believe variety is the taste of life and that people can get good at multiple disciplines if they really try. Don’t limit yourself with thoughts like 'Oh, I could never do something creative…' or 'I’m just not that type of person.' Get out there and try!”

Alpha Kappa Psi has helped Leo reach his professional goals by giving him a playground to grow in. One of Leo’s mentors was Mr. Calvin Chan. Mr. Chan is also a Brother in Alpha Kappa Psi, and he provided Leo 1-on-1 coding mentorship when he was an Active Brother. They both worked on real client campaigns, and Mr. Chan showed Leo how to turn his love for coding into a real job. 

“If you are looking for Alpha Kappa Psi to change your life, then know it is possible - but becoming a brother is only the beginning. Joining Alpha Kappa Psi is entering into a lifelong agreement with yourself that you will strive to become a better professional and all-around member of society. You get as much as you give, so be generous with your ambition, energy and loyalty. You will be surprised how generous the world can be too.”