Everything is earned. Nothing is given.




Meet Lawrence Hung, an Upsilon Psi alum who knows the perfect formula to a work-life balance. When he’s not at work at QuinStreet, Lawrence is a contributor to a sports website called Vavel, concentrating on basketball with an emphasis on his favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Covering the Lakers has been a longtime dream for Lawrence, so writing and being published on Vavel is amazing for him.

“When I first decided to rush Alpha Kappa Psi I was a freshman who didn't have any confidence in myself or the abilities that I had. Alpha Kappa Psi changed that by opening my eyes to the opportunities around me and giving me chances to build my confidence and skills to fully take advantage of them.”

Without the support of the brothers and the alumni, Lawrence believes he wouldn't be where he is today. He especially owes it to alums Brother Joshua Kim, Brother Ben Trinh, Brother Amanda Nguyen and Brother Doug Ro for the continued support and advice they have given him - and still give him to this day.

“Do not come into Alpha Kappa Psi expecting a job or an internship, or that you will be the consummate professional just because you joined. You will have to put in the work to get to where you want. You have to choose the destination, but I can assure you that Alpha Kappa Psi will be there to guide you along the way.”