Alpha Kappa Psi helps foster you to become the type of person you want to become. We are a fraternity that looks for quality and character, and the determination to better yourself.




Meet Jason Hong, an Upsilon Psi alum who is working hard to reshape the investment banking industry. For the past year, he has been building his own firm in New York City, and specializes in structured finance investment banking and capital raising for the small to lower middle market sector.

“Honestly, we took a leap of faith because all of the firms we worked with before were unethical in our eyes. Investment banking firms get painted with a bad brush so we wanted to change the way the industry is viewed. It may be a lofty goal but we want to be a reputable firm that is known to take care of their team and their clients.”

For Jason, Alpha Kappa Psi was truly a blessing in disguise. “I think the biggest thing about college is taking advantage of opportunities in front of you. They are hard to recognize and the benefits may not seem apparent right away. Alpha Kappa Psi was certainly one of those cases. I became a much more well-rounded, refined and intelligent person because I was really surrounding myself around people that wanted to be successful. Becoming an entrepreneur or chasing your goals is a scary endeavor but it’s comforting to know that there are people that would gladly help and give you the advice you need. ”

This network stuck with Jason much beyond college. Being a part of Alpha Kappa Psi helped prepare him for the real world. It is the mindset that truly benefitted him, along with being able to recognize those opportunities - and not being afraid to take those risks. 

“Alpha Kappa Psi really helped hone my business acumen and develop my network to be able to ask for help whenever necessary. The camaraderie is one thing but the diverse number of minds that you interact with makes you that much more intelligent and well-rounded. By all means, have fun, but really use college as an opportunity to identify and define yourself as an individual. It’s a great time to make mistakes and pick yourself back up - and become someone great.”